Christopher Hooks

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Christopher Hooks is a freelance journalist in Austin.

By Christopher Hooks:

UT Austin Trump protest

It’s Time to Blow Up the Democratic Party

When a crushing defeat occurs, a window of opportunity opens where criticism is more easily countenanced and reorientation is possible.

Anna Donlan We’ll be talking about what just happened for the rest of our lives — why it happened, how it happened, and what the consequences were. It’s too big a thing to survey in a few days or months, … Read More

Donald Trump protester

In Trump, Hispanic Republicans May Face their Alamo

Texas Republicans have made gains in San Antonio, but Donald Trump may wreck their best-laid plans.

Philip Cortez is one of the Texas Democratic Party’s most important candidates this election, but for most of the year he’s been living on a different continent. Cortez is running for House District 117, an L-shaped district encompassing much of … Read More