Letters to the editors



Why would this surprise anyone? (“Holes in the Wall,” February 22). It’s business as usual with the Bush family and friends profiting at the expense of the rest of our citizens.

Barbara McFarlandvia e-mail

Outstanding article. It seems like the mistreated rich must always be protected from the mean, brutal, lower class. Why not dig a tunnel 300 feet under the property of the rich? The property owners might not mind if they were each given 40 or 50 million dollars of tax money that has been taken from the poor.

We must protect the rich.

Fred VanceSan Antonio

Does anybody really think a fence will keep people out? The fence is a way to spend tax money while avoiding working out solutions to the problem. Building the fence through the property of people who don’t have the political clout to fight back while avoiding the land of the politically well-connected is morally corrupt.

Eleanor Harevia e-mail


Very well written (“The Big Empty,” February 22). The description of the Giant Retail Beast coming into small-town America breathing fire and closing the underwear and sock store on the square then pulling out of town when former residents weren’t in town to buy the underwear and socks because they had moved to Austin or Dallas to seek their fortunes and shop in the Big Retail Giant Supercenter Store for their underwear and socks. End of story … end of Clarksville as we knew it. Thank you.

Larry CoxMt. Pleasant

Written by an “old soul” with a heart as well as a mind. That is rarely seen in journalism today. Thanks for telling our sad story. Does no one else see how Wal-Mart manipulates the market by what they sell and don’t sell? Get us all hooked on the convenience of one- stop shopping, then decide what not to carry. You can’t buy it if they don’t sell it, and it is oh so inconvenient to go elsewhere-so you switch to what they sell. Hmm. Could be a good investigative subject.

D. S. TownesClarksville

Future Shock

Does this mean that we lesser-known humans and writers will still be living? That is some world-class satire (“Deathless Prose,” February 8). Some of Don Graham’s neo-Orwellian predictions will probably come true. But which ones? Because of the “long tail” and Amazon, those mentioned will still be selling books. Great writing!

Johnny Hughesvia e-mail