A Tribute to Molly Ivins

Only a few New Years ago…

or maybe it was just a few seconds ago… me and Steve Fromholz and Molly Ivins and some dear friends sat around a campfire in Santa Elena Canyon tradin’ tall and taller tales and singin’ sad and sillier songs as the cold wind and the muddy Rio Grande carried bits and pieces of our hearts and tears and echoes of our sighs and laughters way out into the Texan and Mexican and U. S. and Worldwide and worn and weary night.

Molly, your tales still stand the tallest… the bravest… the true-ist. With sharp wit, sharp words, sharp eyes, You set the greatest standard, The highest benchmark… But it is one everyone Can… and must… aspire to…

The pursuit of truth

How the hell will i ever forget? Your little twist of phrase,

“…every political reporter and his hamster”

Good Golly! Miss Molly…

You sumpin’ else..

Peaceward thru the fog Always with Love

Butch Hancock Terlingua Texas

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