With Senate Rules Debate Postponed, a Quiet Capitol

Well the Capitol is almost silent—no activists, only a few news cameras. Compared to yesterday, this place is a crypt, and for some reason, everyone keeps whispering.

The Senate was supposed to be a hot bed of controversy, debating the rules, including the two-thirds rule that gives Democrats in the chamber a chance to block bills. But that discussion has supposedly been tabled until next week, according to Quorum Report.

The House gavelled, followed by a self-written prayer from state Rep. Harold Dutton. Freshmen gathered together in small groups, where senior members would come to introduce themselves. Only thing of note: state Rep. Todd Hunter will now chair the select committee in charge of determining the HD 48 vote. After a recount, incumbent Democrat Donna Howard won by just 12 votes—a result challenged by opponent Dan Neil.

The rest of the committee: Eiland, who will serve as vice-chair, Kolkhorst, Giddings, Guillen, Bonnen, W. Smith, Madden, and Lewis. State Rep. Will Hartnett remains the master of discovery.

After the committee was read, Hunter took the floor to tell members to “be very careful in discussing this matter.” Members could inadvertently cause problems by discussing the controversy in casual conversation. The committee will ultimately issue a report on the challenge.

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