Voting is Underway!

How Big Will Be the Blowouts?


Voting us underway in the party primaries across the state, and the big question will be by what margin Gov. Rick Perry beats his challengers. Will King Rick face a run-off? And if he does, will Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison finally breathe some life into her race to replace governor good hair? We’ll have Forrest Wilder at Perry’s party tonight to see what happens.

The other race that is too close to call is for the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor. The party power-brokers got behind Linda Chavez-Thompson, but that didn’t keep former Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle from taking a gauge of the value of his name recognition. We’ve got Melissa del Bosque covering that race.

Dave Mann has the privileged assignment of following some of the more entertaining races. He’ll be keeping up with Kinky Friedman and Hank Gilbert in their competition for agriculture commissioner. And then there is the State Board of Education.

We’ll be covering all of those races and more throughout the day and well into the evening. To see all of our coverage, go to Campaign HQ. Providing the best political analysis in Texas, editor Bob Moser will be anchoring our primary coverage and letting you know what it all means to you and the future of Texas.

So if you haven’t voted, you need to celebrate Texas Independence Day with a trip to a school, church or other public building near you and cast a ballot. It doesn’t take that much time, and it’s good for you.