Voices from the Gallery

While we wait for things to get going at the Capitol, our team interviewed some of the folks waiting in line for the state House Gallery. Many had been waiting since 6 or 7 a.m. Some got here as early as 5. And from those we talked to, most of them were pretty darn conservative.

“Arizona is the new Lone Star State. Texas has fallen into an abyss of illegal invasion.”— Member of the Militia Men of Texas, who would identify himself only as  “Bama”

“Now we’ve got to keep an eye on the ones we voted in.”—Ed Bayliss, chair of the Heritage Ranch Republican Party on watching the Republican freshmen

“To have this many Republicans together at one time is great. We’ve been wanting it for a long time. The people really spoke.”—Caralee Lance of Kingwood

“We’ll wait until the next election and try to vote him out.” —Bob Pace of Fairview on what Tea Partiers will do if Speaker Joe Straus is re-elected today

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