UT College Republicans President Cassie Wright Defends Her Twitter Jab At President Obama


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UT College Republicans President Cassie Wright, who recently came under fire for tweeting, “My president is black. He smokes a lot of crack. Holla. #2012 #Obama” took to Facebook recently to argue her reasoning behind the comment.

Burnt Orange Report, who broke the original story of the offending tweet, managed to get a screengrab of Wright’s Facebook page featuring a conversation in which she is seen defending the tweet heard round the world to a Facebook “friend”.


Turns out Ms. Wright’s little rhyme was a reference to a song by Young Jeezy entitled, “My President is Black.” Thus, reasons Wright, “Perhaps you should contact Young Jeezy as well for negative statements found in his song.”

She goes on to argue that since the President admitted, (in his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance), that he used cocaine, it wasn’t out of line for her to point out the irony of a song celebrating him since he is, in fact, a known “drug user.” And, I’ll add in her defense that cocaine doesn’t rhyme with black, so obviously, we should give her a little poetic license.

“I find the fact that Obama was a drug user ironic, considering there is a popular song celebrating his election and character. Not sure how finding humor in this irony is open discrimination against any race, but believe what you will.”

It’s true, Cassie Wright should not be fired from her post because she’s a racist, but because she’s proven that she is unfit for political life. Here’s a woman in the most powerful Republican seat at UT, one of the largest universities in America in one of the largest Republican voting states in America. She lucks into the position after her predecessor, Lauren Pierce, makes the same dumb mistake on Twitter less than a month earlier, tweeting in response to news of a shooter at the White House:

“Y’all as tempting as it may be, don’t shoot Obama. We need him to go down in history as the WORST president we’ve EVER had! #2012.”

Repairing her club’s reputation should be priority number one for Wright, especially in an election year when her party is struggling to prove to ethnic minorities that they are not a bunch of racists who want to deport everyone who is brown. What does Wright do instead, just 32 days later? Tweet, from New Orleans, at 2:46 AM on Sunday morning, that the President of the United States snorts crack. Oh, and holla.

I know I should be happy to see Republicans fall on their faces, but I can’t help it. I feel a responsibility to mentor the kids. Especially because they weren’t as fortunate as I was to be old by the time social media came into fashion.

Come here, UT College Republicans, and listen to what your wise, old Tía Cindy has to say. Especially you, Cesar Villareal, UT College Republicans spokesperson from my hometown of Brownsville, Texas. You’ve already begun distancing yourself from Ms. Wright with this apology you released to the school paper, The Daily Texan:

The UT College Republicans neither condones any ‘tweeted’ remarks, nor any statements made by any member of our organization that may be hurtful and lacking in sensitivity. The opinion of our President Wright is that of her own not in keeping with our core values, our standards, and our code of conduct. While some within our organization may not respect the current President, UT College Republicans does respect the office of the President of the United States. We are all Americans, and even if we do not agree with certain policies, the UT College Republicans wish all our leaders well, as they are all dedicated to public service. I personally apologize for [the] ‘tweeted’ remark.”

That’s an excellent start, but if you don’t fire this incompetent person now, she’s going to take you down with her in a conflagration of reckless tweets and poorly reasoned Facebook comments. What do you think Anthony Weiner’s spokesperson is up to these days? Probably shilling for some pyramid scheme. Take my advice and give this woman the heave-ho now before she ends your career. Oh, and holla.