Three Days Left to Live


Robert Leleux

Hello Friends,

Here’s what the pending execution of David Powell–the man the state of Texas plans to poison to death on June 15th–has me thinking about today.

Today is June 12th.  David Powell will, most likely, die at or around six o’clock pm on June 15th–in other words, he will die this Tuesday evening.  And both sides–the side in favor of poisoning David Powell for the murder he committed thirty-two years ago, and the side opposed to poisoning David Powell for the murder he committed thirty-two years ago–have begun making preparations. 

Since I’ve been writing about this, I’ve been made aware of both sets of plans.  And I would like to pass them on to you, both because I feel that you might find them vaguely interesting, and because you yourself might wish to attend one of these events, all of which are open to the public.

Those who are in favor of the state poisoning David Powell have created a facebook page, to be found here, under the category of “Causes-Rally”:!/event.php?eid=105582516130975&ref=mf

So, if you happen to be in Austin, and would like to, in the language of this facebook page, “hoist a beer in honor of Ralph Ablanedo,” the police officer, husband, and father of two children who was murdered by David Powell, then you should arrive at Scholz Beer Garten, at six pm, on the evening of June 15th–which, as you may recall, is precisely the time at which David Powell is scheduled to be poisoned to death.  In other words, you may arrive just in time to toast his execution.

Also, if you find yourself in Austin, are without plans for Tuesday evening, are in search of further means to support the poisoning of David Powell, and are in the mood for a road trip, another option presents itself, to be found at:

In the language of this, the Austin Police Association’s website, a “Journey to Justice” has been arranged, in the form of a chartered bus trip to Huntsville.  To quote: “A bus has been chartered by the Austin Police Association to assist in carrying family, police officers and friends to Huntsville, TX the day of the execution. There will be no cost for this service,” the Association assures those desiring to join them.  Though it does caution that, alas, “attendees will have to provide for their own food & beverages during the bus ride.”  For those wishing to stay overnight, a special rate has been negotiated at the Holiday Inn Express.  Presumably, Huntsville locals are also welcome to join those supporters of the Ablanedo family being bused in by the Austin Police Association, outside the walls of Huntsville prison during the poisoning of David Powell.
Lastly, for those who oppose the poisoning of David Powell, preparations have also been made–though on a much humbler scale.  There is now also a facebook page associated with this event:!/event.php?eid=121127214596407&ref=mf

I am, unfortunately, unaware if a special rate has, or has not, been secured for you at any local hotel.  Allow me to quote from an invitation I received:
“I would like to invite you to attend the candle-light vigil we will be holding outside [the Walls Unit of Huntsville Prison at 4pm] on June 15.  While normally executions are ignored, maybe a person or two shows up with a candle or at best extended family also participates….There will be about 20 or so of us that know David or are friends of those that know David, that will be there to witness his passing.  The purpose of this is to witness the taking of a life.  It isn’t to defend him or his actions.”

In the meantime, David Powell has three days left to live, before he’s killed in a room constructed and maintained by our government for the express purpose of killing folks, paid for with our tax dollars, and named, by state employees, “The Death Chamber.”

Love Y’all,

Here’s a photograph of “The Death Chamber.”

And here’s a clip from a movie about David:

And here’s a website devoted to David’s case:

And here’s a link to the Texas Moratorium Network’s petition campaign on
David’s behalf:

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