The Texas Miracle #6: The Best Grocery Store in Texas

On this edition of the Texas Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but probably wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State, we’re kicking off a new segment called What I Like About Texas, honoring the world’s greatest grocery store, a Central Texas treasure, a home for the lovers of the combo loco and that green sauce — HEB.

We’ll also go out to the Texas tiki shed to round up the news with the Dallas Morning NewsBobby Blanchard and Lauren McGaughy, plus Bobby Cervantes of the Houston Chronicle, discussing Ted Cruz’s surrender to the unstoppable storm of bigotry and bad hair that is Donald Trump and the battle over guns and booze at the University of Texas. We’ll also hear from Observer staffer and Strangest Stater Patrick Michels about the worst thing you can do to someone you love: propose to them in public. (Seriously, folks, don’t do this.)

And in this week’s Ask A Texan segment: we’ll talk with the Houston Chronicle’s Lisa Falkenberg, a sixth-generation texan and Pulitzer Prize winner who will answer a question a lot of people have been asking since her recent column about failures in Texas’ child protective services system: What can Texas do to keep its most vulnerable children safe?

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