The Texas Miracle #31: Goodnight and Good Luck, Y’all!

This week, we present the final edition of the Texas Miracle, the Texas Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State.

We mentioned this a couple of episodes ago, but now it’s really time to say goodbye. Observer staffer Patrick Michels and Miracle host Andrea Grimes, are heading out to California — the Bay area — as he takes on a great new investigative reporting gig and Andrea restarts her freelancing career with a side of social justice activism. We’ll say a proper goodbye at the end of the show, so stay tuned.

On the show: We’re featuring — y’all! We asked Texas expats (Texpats!) to call into the Texas Miracle hotline to tell us what they miss most about home. The overwhelming winner? Tex-Mex food. We’ll be featuring your messages throughout the show.

We’ll head out to the Texas Tiki Shed for one last news roundup, discussing Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s top ten “legislative priorities” with Tom Philpott from Mother Jones, our resident anthropologist Dr. Jenny Carlson, and Observer managing editor Rose Cahalan.

And in our final edition of Strangest State, Patrick will regale us one last time with weird tales from far-flung Texas, including the downright adorable story of Texas’ biggest garbage truck fan.

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