The 15 who voted against Straus

Well there was a vote after all. When state Rep. Ken Paxton withdrew from the Speaker’s Race, it seemed like a nice gesture to his colleagues—no one would have to take a vote in the race, none of the Rs would face Tea Party wrath.

Apparently that kumbaya moment was too much for state Rep. Leo Berman. Berman, who previously challenged Straus before dropping out, objected to a Speaker election by acclamation and instead called for a record vote. Straus won with 132 votes.

Here’s the 15 who voted no:

Simpson, White, Zedler, C. Perry, Paxton, Parker, P. King, V. Taylor, Laubenberg, Landtroop, Flynn, Berman, Christian, Cain, Burkett

(Hughes and Isaac were present, not voting and Larson abstained.)

The list is almost entirely Tea Party freshmen, with a few social conservative hardliners thrown in. Looks like there won’t be much playing nice this session.


Corrected to reflect that Larson abstained and Van Taylor voted no. 

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