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The Texas Miracle #5: What’s Wrong with Texas Voters?

Why don't Texans vote? Will Rick Perry wear his hipster glasses in his official portrait? How'd that tiger get loose? Plus more on this week's podcast.


The Texas Miracle podcast logoOn this episode of the Texas Observer’s weekly podcast, a compendium of everything you need to know, but probably wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star state: We’re going out to the Texas tiki shed for a raucous round up of top Texas news with lovable redhead Bobby Blanchard, Observer freelancer (and Texas Brit) Alex Hannaford, and Julie Gillis, the cofounder of Bedpost Confessions, one of the sexiest stage shows in Texas, and we’ll hear from Observer staffer and Strangest Stater Patrick Michels about a tiger gone wild — or, actually gone sort of suburban and adorable.

You’ll also meet an undocumented Texan named Victor Erives, whose deaf parents brought him to Texas hoping to find a better life — only, years later, to see the state his family risked everything to call home turn its back on immigrants just like him.

In this week’s Ask A Texan segment, we’ll ask formidable Tyrant’s Foe Fred Lewis to explore a question — one often screamed, in all caps, on any given election night: Why don’t Texans vote? And be sure to stay tuned through the outtro for a special crowd-sourcing assignment involving the Texas Miracle’s Ask A Texan hotline.

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