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Texas House Republicans Vote to Track Down Absent Democrats and Arrest Them If Necessary

The procedural move carries little apparent weight since the Democrats who fled the state to break quorum are beyond the jurisdiction of Texas law enforcement.

“Texas House Republicans vote to track down absent Democrats and arrest them if necessary” was first published by The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, no...Read More


Texans With Disabilities Fear Voting Will Get Harder for Them as Special Session on GOP Restrictions Nears

The extent to which Republicans’ proposed voting restrictions might affect voters of color has received much attention, but Texans with disabilities also face the prospect of new barriers to the ballot box.

“Texans with disabilities fear voting will get harder for them as special session on GOP restrictions nears” was first published by The Texas Tribun...Read More

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With a Special Session on Voting Restrictions Looming, Texas Dems Push for Federal Protections

Voting rights advocates say Texas Republicans’ underhanded effort to ram through new voter suppression measures highlights the need to restore federal voting rights legislation.

Nearly every legislative session, Texas Republicans cite the myth of widespread, election-swinging voter fraud to try to make voting harder, scarier, and more c...Read More


The Lege This Week: Stimmy for Schools?

The Texas Senate passes its budget bill without addressing billions of dollars in unspent federal relief. Now, public education advocates are demanding that lawmakers open up the spigot for local school districts.

Welcome to the 87th Legislative Session. Since the last session came to a close in June 2019, Texas has been hit by an unrestrained pandemic and a crippling eco...Read More

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The Latino Vote And Its Legacy

For Latinos, casting a ballot means overcoming a history of struggle against exclusion and voter suppression.

This story was originally published by palabra. Editor’s Note: At the start of 2020, palabra. posted a landmark essay by Michelle García that explored the st...Read More

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Texas Leads in Polling Place Closures Since 2013

750 polling places in Texas have been shuttered since Shelby v. Holder, the Supreme Court decision that released the state from federal oversight in changing its voter laws and practices.

If you’ve been on the voting rights tour bus in Texas, what a ride it’s been—especially since 2013. Prior to then, the state was beholden to the Voting Ri...Read More