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A dead piñon pine in Boot Canyon in Big Bend National Park. by

Feeling the Burn in Big Bend

An epic drought has scientists racing to predict the future of Big Bend's unique sky islands.

The 2011 drought that wiped out half the piñon pines in Big Bend’s sky island is a warning shot as the Southwest succumbs to climate change....Read More

Businesses like Presidio's J&R Stockyards, where horses are inspected before being transported to Mexico for slaughter, have cropped up along the border. by

The Business of Burying Horses

The border town of Presidio loses money every time it buries a dead horse — and nowadays there are hundreds of them.

Presidio is the last stop for horses on their way to slaughter in Mexico, but many don't make it that far, causing headache, and heartache, for many....Read More