Eye on Texas: On the Road

Photographer Tomas Muscionico captures a moment of Americana on a trip through West Texas.


A version of this story ran in the March / April 2021 issue.

Growing up in the Swiss Alps, America was a distant concept on the television screen. I remember watching the movie Bonnie and Clyde and enjoyed their highway chases and shootouts with the Texas Rangers. Those artistic, and violent, moments left an impression on me, so I moved to the United States. Thirty years later, I became “American in heart” and earned my green card. I’ve spent more than a decade traveling this complex and challenging country, and I realize now that for me, America is a road movie—a story about mobility where the open horizon and never-ending interstate feels as mesmerizing today as it did when I first arrived three decades ago.

While shooting the feature story for this issue, my wife and travel partner, ThiAnh, drove from Las Vegas along I-10 into West Texas. ThiAnh made a honky-tonk Texas playlist, and Willie Nelson was playing when we passed this truck hauling a pristine vintage car. I grabbed my iPhone, rolled down the window, and snapped a few frames of this most American of moments. All the pictures ended up blurry or out of focus, but this one, somehow, came out. 

A few hours later we arrived in Fort Stockton and had beer and rib-eye steak at a K-Bob’s Steakhouse—about as far as one can get from the Swiss Alps.


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