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The Bayport Industrial District in Harris County releases a huge flare.. by

Texas Has Elected A Climate Change Denier to the Railroad Commission

Newly elected commissioner Jim Wright will be one of three people in charge of regulating the state’s oil and gas industry. He doesn’t believe that flaring contributes to climate change.

Ten years. That’s how long we have to make massive reductions in carbon emissions before some of the worst effects of climate change become irreversible, acco...Read More

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A New Study Shows that the Oil and Gas Industry is Wasting a Shocking Quantity of Natural Gas in Texas

Frackers are burning millions of dollars worth of natural gas — releasing hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gases into the air, worsening climate change and creating health risks.

A new study by researchers at the University of Southern California and San Francisco State University found that oil and gas operators in South Texas burned al...Read More


Mine Games

With little more than a promise, the Texas Railroad Commission is trusting a struggling coal industry to pay for the cost of cleaning up old mines.

In mid-2014, Texas’ biggest utility, Energy Future Holdings, was about to file for bankruptcy, and Texas regulators suddenly had a big problem on their hands...Read More