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A large boot is crushing Lady Liberty while a trooper says to the boot, "Hey trooper—got something on your shoe." by

Loon Star: Trampled Liberty

The latest cartoon from Ben Sargent.

To see more political cartoons from Ben Sargent, visit our Loon Star State section, or find Observer political reporting here. Read more from the Observer:...Read More

chicago 1968 by

The ‘Police Riot’

The 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention Riots, 50 Years Later – by Kaye Northcott September 6, 1968 Editor’s Note: A deeply divided country, a polari...Read More


Video: ‘Queer Dance Freakout’ Outside the Governor’s Mansion

The crowd danced hard and carried signs reading "Trans rights are human rights," "Feminism for now, feminism forever" and "I don't care about your front; I got your back."

Around 200 gathered outside the Governor's mansion Thursday night for a "queer dance freakout" to protest what organizers called transphobic and ...Read More

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Hundreds Protest Islamophobia at Austin Mosque

Demonstrators held signs reading 'We stand with our Muslim neighbors,' 'Jews reject Trump' and "you make America great.'

A crowd of 300 Austin demonstrators gathered Friday at Nueces Mosque to show solidarity with Muslim Americans after a spate of anti-Muslim incidents....Read More

Anti-Trump Students Shut Down Austin Streets and Bridges

After gathering around noon at the campus’ main mall, the marchers blocked traffic on the South First Street and Congress bridges on their way to the Capitol.

A spontaneous anti-Trump protest that began with about 50 University of Texas at Austin students grew into a crowd of more than 400 by Wednesday evening....Read More