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The Draw of Death Row

With “dark tourism” on the rise, Huntsville’s prison museum is thriving.

The gift shop offers shirts honoring the electric chair: "Home of Old Sparky," and the museum's visitors get a 'selectively edited' history of corrections....Read More

What’s next for Texas criminal justice reform? by

Raising the Bars

What's next for Texas criminal justice reform?

Here's what Texas lawmakers can, and should, do for criminal and racial justice in the state in the wake of Sandra Bland's death while in police custody....Read More

Dawson State Jail by

Right (and Wrong) on Crime

For all the praise heaped on Texas for criminal justice reform, we’ve barely even begun the thaw.

After 14 years of enthusiastic prison-building, Perry is taking credit for a tiny softening in his rhetoric on crime just in time for a presidential run....Read More