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Loon Star: The Great Freeze

Playing the blame game.

To see more political cartoons from Ben Sargent, visit our Loon Star State section, or find Observer political reporting here. After Texas’ electrical gri...Read More


“Power Companies Get Exactly What They Want”: How Texas Repeatedly Failed to Protect Its Power Grid Against Extreme Weather

Texas regulators and lawmakers knew about the grid’s vulnerabilities for years, but time and again they furthered the interests of large electricity providers.

“Power companies get exactly what they want”: How Texas repeatedly failed to protect its power grid against extreme weather” was first published by Th...Read More


Why Texas Wasn’t Prepared for Winter Storm Uri

A disaster management expert weighs in on how poor planning and communication failures deepened the crisis that left millions without power during the deep freeze.

The snow has melted and the record-breaking, freezing temperatures have warmed back up, but Texans in nearly every county will be dealing with the aftermath of ...Read More