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Can Texas’ new approach to prisoners with newborns help keep families together?

When Isabel Saucedo arrived at Texas’ BAMBI unit on a recent October morning, it was clear this wasn’t going to be a typical prison experience. She was quic...Read More

Freedom Fighters

Dallas has freed more innocent men from prison than any other county in the country. Now they’re working together to change the system.

On May 12, Johnnie Pinchback became the 28th Dallas man to be freed from prison after evidence proved police got the wrong guy. I spoke to him the day after he ...Read More

The Burden of Proof

When you believe someone you love is innocent, how do you prove it to the rest of the world?

It was an unusual beginning to a love story.  James Legate was five years into a life sentence for murder. Yolanda Garcia, a 59-year-old clothing store cle...Read More