State Rep. Norma Chavez Rides the Low Road


Apparently, Democratic State Rep. Norma Chavez is feeling less than secure about a sweeping win in her El Paso district.  An El Paso Times story published Sunday says that Norma has taken to labeling her Democratic opponent Naomi Gonzalez as “a lesbian gay woman.”

I’m glad Norma clarified it because if Gonzalez is a lesbian gay man, that would definitely confuse voters.

Who knows if Gonzalez is gay or not? She’s certainly not talking about it. A better question is, who the heck cares?

According to Norma it’s only fair to attack Gonzalez because she slighted her “biker community.” Because you know, Norma likes to ride her Harley. Lord knows how many Harley haters there are out there. Why those Harley bigots are slinging hurtful words right and left. These are hate crimes, ya’ll.

There’s no better way to level your opponent than to label them as queer or even better a commie, or how about a queer commie! It’s a necessary tactic, folks. Norma’s just trying to protect Texans from gay marriage, according to the Times story.

Brandi Grissom over at the Texas Tribune explains the inner workings of Norma’s brainpan. When the Lege prohibited gay marriage in 2005 she neither voted for it, nor against it.

So was she out ridin’ the wild highways on her Harley or what?  

Norma “registered present not voting,” according to Grissom. “Here’s what Chavez entered in the House Journal about her vote:”

“My intention was to vote for HJR 6 as filed and as it was presented to the full House for consideration and action. I strongly support the institution of marriage and believe that our government should support efforts to strengthen this important bond between a man and a woman. However, I also believe individuals should have the right and their rights protected when entering into civil agreements and contracts. The Chisum Amendment that was added to the bill puts into question the consideration and protection of civil unions. Since this proposed constitutional amendment now includes the prohibition of such arrangements, I could not in good conscience vote in favor of HJR 6.”

She could not in “good conscience” vote for HJR 6 but she can drag her political opponent through the mud. Norma I hope your friends tell you it just makes you sounds like a desperate bigot.

Maybe you should hop on your Harley and chill out.