Help Needed: The Musical

The Democratic Convention is only three days away—we need a soundtrack


See comments section for updates.

Okay friendly readers. I need your help. The Democratic convention starts Thursday, and with both conventions over, we’ll officially begin campaign season. Well, the part that non-political-junkies watch. The rest of us, who have been paying attention since 2009, are just losers.

But I digress. To celebrate this turning point, I’m looking for five songs that you think exemplify the current political climate. For instance, if you’re impressed by both Rick Perry’s ability to escape scandal unscathed and his pretty locks, you might consider Bulletproof by La Roux—she’s got some magic hair and the gist is in the title. Or in describing the Democrats’ lack of a central organization, we can go with Lean on Me.  I’m looking for songs about the parties, the pols themselves, or really anything. Justify it and you’re in.

Put your suggestions and justifications in the comments section or just email me. If you’re chosen, you’ll not only get undying fame on this blog, I promise I’ll buy you a coffee if I’m in your area (or if you come by the Observer offices). How’s that for a grand prize?

For inspiration, I’m including a song about the most memorable convention. That’s right—the constitutional convention. Get excited.

(This is the discussion of who will write the Declaration of Independence from one of the greatest musicals of all time, 1776 The Musical. )