Sissy Farenthold Talks About the Death Penalty

A clip from the new documentary


Robert Leleux

Dearly Beloveds!

I’d like to suggest a clip from an upcoming documentary featuring my idol SISSY FARENTHOLD called “Saving David Powell.” You can watch it in the upper right-hand corner or click on this link:

David Powell is currently awaiting execution in Huntsville, and Sissy’s been visiting him for twenty years!  As you might imagine, the footage is very moving and elegant and tragic–and was created by a mondo-talented film-maker named Sally Norvell.

Here’s a link to a great interview with Sally that I found online–

And here’s a website devoted to David’s case, and his cause.

It’s a complicated, human issue, friends.  And it summons many complicated, human emotions.  I hope you check out the film clip, and let me know what you think.