Secessionist Rally Tomorrow



From time to time, I’ll be blogging on non-enviro stuff.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at the “Sovereignty or Secession” rally in front of the Capitol for what’s sure to be one helluva good show. I’ll post a report tomorrow afternoon at the TO blog — video included (go easy on me as this will be my first time trying to shoot and edit a video report).

The rally’s being organized by the Texas Nationalist Movement, a group that calls itself “the largest organization promoting freedom and Texas Independence.” The point of the event, according to the group’s press release, is to “demand that the Governor and Legislature to [sic] support Texas sovereignty under the 10th Amendment or to call for secession.”

These are basically hard-core secessionists whose anti-government beliefs are about as far out as you get.

Overlap with the Alex Jones-New World Order crowd, tea party protestors, birthers and other far-right fringoids is extensive. In other words, these are the people Gov. Perry’s been doing a dangerous little dance with for months.

The event was called off at one point (for reasons discussed below) but is now set at 11am.

Musta been a conspiracy, a/t Gerry Donaldson, one of the organizers:

The reason for this change is that decided to schedule 2 separate events on the SAME DAY to push Obamacare! Seems a little “convenient” that they would try to block out a big portion of the day on the SAME DAY we are telling the federal government that we want to ROLL BACK our government to its originally intended, limited role; doesn’t it?

We are obviously a real threat to the Marxist agenda that and Obama’s administration is trying to shove down our throats.

The secessionists say they plan to “counterprotest” the pro-health care reform event. It will be interesting to see what guns the secessionists choose to bring. But don’t worry: they promise no violence.

This is not and should not be a violent confrontation. Violence is not condoned by anyone involved.


However, we are exercising our rights and our duty to compel the restoration of our sovereignty and rights (alter our government) or it will leave us with no choice but secession.

On the Texas Nationalist Movement website, they claim that Gov. Perry “bowed out,”, implying that he had agreed to speak at some point. However, I called Perry’s office and a spokeswoman said the governor had declined an offer to speak on August 10th. “We called and told them he wouldn’t be able to make it,” said spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger.