Jonathan McNamara

Recovery: West, Texas Rebuilds


Above: A house destroyed by the West fertilizer plant explosion in the northern part of town.

A house destroyed by the West fertilizer plant explosion in the northern part of town.
A house destroyed by the West fertilizer plant explosion in the northern part of town.  Jonathan McNamara

Today is the one-year anniversary of the fertilizer plant explosion in the small town of West, Texas, which killed 15 people and injured an estimated 300.

Six months after the disaster, Web Editor and Observer Radio producer Jonathan McNamara visited West to find out how the town was rebuilding.

In “Recovery: West, Texas Rebuilds,” a special edition of Observer Radio that originally ran in December, McNamara finds a close-knit town both grieving and determined to restore some semblance of normalcy. Mayor Tommy Muska talks about the painful moment when residents of the area closest to the blast were finally allowed to rummage through the ruins of their homes for anything salvageable. Five-year-old Parker Pustejovsky’s grandparents tell the tale of how their grandson’s big idea to sell hot dogs to rebuild the park raised more than $83,000 on a single Saturday.

We also hear from a couple of philanthropically-minded Dallas men who borrowed an iconic T-shirt design to raise money for West.

Below you can also find a collection of our coverage of the West disaster and its aftermath.

Recovery: West, Texas Rebuilds


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A version of this audio story originally ran last year on KPFT in Houston and KOOP Radio in Austin on November 29 and December 3 respectively.