Perry and Partners Prepare for 2010 and Beyond

Is it exotic game and VictoryTexas for Perry tonight?


Gov. Rick Perry’s book “Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington” comes out next week. And cable TV talking heads are already predicting a presidential run in 2012 (look out Sarah Palin!)

That is, if Governor Rick Perry sweeps this election – as the polls are predicting — then get ready for some well…more of the same. But what’s really on my mind is “will there be nilgai jerky” at the exotic game ranch where the Republican Party of Texas will stage its VictoryTexas 2010 celebration tonight? That’s right folks, an exotic game ranch run by the state’s most prolific municipal garbage barons – Texas Disposal Systems will be the site of Perry’s celebratory shindig.

The 1175 acre ranch in Buda, home to such exotic species as the African Crested Porcupine and the Patagonian Cavy (looks like a bunny without the ears) will one day be just another ho-hum municipal dump, but until then; Ah, the sweet smell of victory. We can only hope the usual cast of characters will make their appearances: the Nuge on guitar (or is he too busy playing Palin rallies these days?), his ass-kickin’ buddy Chuck Norris (recently made an honorary Texas Ranger), and heck, maybe even a boy scout troop or two.

Let’s just hope some interloping coyote doesn’t crash the event, we all know how that will end. Of course, polls aren’t perfect. Could Bill White still (gasp) claim the governor’s mansion?