Mexicans to Boycott U.S. Border Cities

Un dia sin Mexicanos


Tired of the Mexico-bashing, chambers of commerce on the southern side of the border are saying “ya basta!”, according to the Rio Grande Guardian today.

Business leaders have asked their fellow Mexicans to not cross into the United States on May 13.

According to the Guardian: “The chamber leaders announced the day of action at a news conference in Rio Bravo. Among the chambers represented were Matamoros, Nuevo Progreso, Reynosa, Valle Hermoso, Rio Bravo and Ciudad Camargo.

“While not calling for a boycott of U.S. products, Mexicans are being asked to avoid crossing into the United States on this one day. Protests will be held at all bridges connecting Tamaulipas with the cities of the Rio Grande Valley, “said Rosa Maria de la Cruz, president of the Camargo Chamber of Commerce.”

The Mexican business leaders said they hope the action will show U.S. residents how important Mexico is to the U.S. economy.

Now, if they can only get the ladies on board in Monterrey. A boycott from them would indeed crush the malls in the Valley, not to mention the outlet stores.

And while I understand the frustration in Mexico, I think it’s unfortunate to take it out on Texas border businesses. Every business person  on the U.S. border is painfully aware of the importance of Mexican commerce.

It’s everyone north of the border that’s clueless.



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