Kay Bailey’s Rough Start



Dave Mann

Ken Herman’s column today on Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign kickoff is a must-read.

If things don’t improve, the post-mortems of her campaign will begin by rehashing how at yesterday’s kickoff rally, the announcer mispronounced the name of the candidate’s own high school:

The disembodied announcer voice at Kay Bailey Hutchison’s gubernatorial campaign kickoff event was mispronouncing the name of her high school.

La Marque (la mark) High School had been fancified to La Marquis (la mar-kee) High School.


Then the candidate herself called for a return to the kind of education system that she experienced. We know what she was trying to say, but Herman notes:

Yes, 1961 was a great time to be in Texas public schools — if you were white and didn’t face learning disabilities. La Marque High School was segregated when Hutchison attended.

Double yikes.

Her event in Austin wasn’t as disastrous, but the crowd was sparse there too, as the Observer’s Josh Haney reports.

This morning, Perry flack Mark Miner gleefully sent an email to reporters entitled “Kay’s Follies: Day 1” with links to the unflattering news coverage.

This is really going to be fun.