The Democratic-Resurgence Myth



Dave Mann

It must be the dog days for political news, because we’ve been inundated recently by opinion columns, analysis pieces — and today a poll — all predicting that Texas is swinging to the Democrats. 

First it was the Economist reading too much into recent developments in Texas politics.

Frank Rich picked up on the Democratic-takeover myth in a recent New York Times column.

Then former Democratic Congressman Martin Frost chimed in with a rosy outlook for Democratic chances in a special election for Kay Bailey’s Senate seat (if that election ever takes place.)

Today it’s a Gallup poll that found more Texans identifying as Democrats (or Democratic-leaning independents) than Republicans. The Dems have a 42-40 percent edge in Texas, according to Gallup (hat tip to Embry, who is rightly skeptical).

The poll looks flawed.

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Dave Mann is a former editor of the Observer.