In Case You Were Wondering What Anita Perry’s Wearing…


There’s been a lot of coverage about Gov. Rick Perry’s upcoming inauguration, scheduled for this Tuesday. Most of it has been about cutting costs and trying to keep the party from looking to lavish. Heck they even got the cost down to a measly $2 million. 

Apparently these cuts also meant no new dress for the First Lady of Texas. The Inaugural Committee just sent out a press release with exquisite detail on First Lady Anita Perry’s dress— a “repurposed” version of the same dress she wore to her son’s wedding.  Mrs. Perry, who generally stays out of the limelight, worked with designer Robert Danes in modifying the dress.

It’s not as though she’s slumming it. The dress is made of Mikado silk and the designer’s clothes are only available at Bergdorf-Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. (Or by special order if you’re really desperate.) But, still, best to keep an eye out for the Texas First Lady if you’re going to be at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx any time soon. After all, she still might need to buy some shoes.


Here’s the press release:

AUSTIN, Texas – Jan. 14, 2011 – The 2011 Texas Inaugural Committee today shared sketches of the gown First Lady Anita Perry will wear to the Evening Inaugural Celebration on January 18. Mrs. Perry worked with designer Robert Danes to modify one of his timeless designs, which she wore to her son’s wedding last year.

“I believe in shopping your closet and using what you have if it will still work,” said Mrs. Perry. “I love this dress, and worked with Robert to modify it for this most historic celebration. I’m just delighted that he was able to repurpose it for something as special as inauguration night.”  

Mrs. Perry’s dress features Mikado silk in a structured design, which has been modified to include sleeves for warmth during the January celebration. Robert Danes is a native Texan from San Antonio, with studio in New York.

“It’s a joy to work with such a lovely, strong woman on a gown for this historic night,” said Danes. “I find her so refreshing, so smart and so inspiring. This is a timeless but modern cut in a stunning fabric, so why not get a second wearing out if it? It’s both responsible and elegant.”

Danes and his business partner and wife of 19 years, Rachel Hall Danes, work together with two children in tow from their downtown Manhattan loft. They enjoy making beautiful, modern clothing for real women. The collection is available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Saks Fifth Avenue New York, or by special order. Additionally, Stanley Korshak in Dallas will feature a trunk show February 1-2.

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