Hot List: day 126

Day 126 of the 82nd Texas Legislature

“Isn’t it true that you stand to add to your personal wealth considerably by killing the bills? Mr. Elkins, do you understand the concept of conflict of interest?”
Rep. Vicki Truitt, R-Keller, to Rep. Craig Elkins, a Houston Republican and payday lender, during a debate last week over Truitt’s payday lending reform bill.

In her latest column, Eileen Smith looks at one of Gov. Rick Perry’s emergency items this session: sanctuary cities, specifically House Bill 12 by Rep. Burt Solomons and Senate Bill 9 by Sen. Tommy Williams. As Smith writes, “Why worry about such trivial issues as education or health care or feeding children when there are civil rights to be trampled?” 

The legislative session may be winding down, but there is still major business to be done. In his latest column for the Austin American-Statesman, Jason Embry examines some of the biggest challenges yet to be addressed by the House and Senate, including school finance reform and solving the state’s budget crisis. 

There are exactly two weeks left until Sine Die, the final day of the regular session. Today the House will begin passing more Senate bills, while it looks like the Senate is still trying to reach a deal on school finance reform. Looks like we’re in for the long haul, folks. 

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Alexa Garcia-Ditta is a staff writer (and former intern) covering women's health, reproductive health and health care access.