Hope Andrade Gavels in the House

Hope Andrade just gavelled in the House. We got to enjoy some quality singing from state Rep. Vicki Truitt, who led the national anthem. 

Andrade’s speech ranged from a mention of the weekend’s Arizona shooting and the unprecedented number of freshmen to the state’s economic performance—which she noted was better than national performance. There was no mention of yesterday’s report from the comptroller, with its bleak news of a $27 billion shortfall, were the state to continue current levels of spending.

Then she employed an amazingly complex sailing metaphor:

“Over the course fo the next 140 days there will be times that you are sailing with the wind, and other times when you might feel that you are working against it. But I submit to you is what matters most is the direction Texas is moving.” 

Next came the predictable, “Full speed ahead.”


Now on to the House roll-call. 


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