Eye On Texas: Color Guard

Walker Pickering

color guard

I’ve worked on my Esprit de Corps project for around five years now, and during most of that time I focused on photographs of the musicians in the marching bands and drum corps I shot. This particular image was taken during the summer of 2013 when I worked with The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps. I had started to realize I was neglecting the color guard, and decided to spend some time following them during what’s generally regarded as the worst light of the day: high noon. Fortunately, the graphic precision with which they repeatedly rehearsed this one move made the most of that extreme light.

I’m often asked about the various elements of their outfits. The shortness of the shorts is most likely due to the extreme Texas heat in July, but I can’t say why they chose those socks.

See more of Austin photographer Walker Pickering’s work at walkerpickering.com.

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