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American Craftsman

American Craftsman

America has seen many years of decline in manufacturing, yet it is this sector of our economy that built this nation. My book, Portraits of the American Craftsman, is a celebration of the men and women who still handcraft beautiful products right here in the United States. They have found that this work contributes to their quality of life, creates a personal legacy, and provides a sense of accomplishment. The book is dedicated to my father, Landis Wilson Myers, a woodworker, homebuilder, metalworker, guitar player, printing pressman, and “fixer” of almost anything. He loved working with his hands, and would have felt a deep connection to these portraits.

See more of Dallas photographer Tadd Myers’ work at www.taddmyers.comAttend the booksigning and gallery opening party on Thursday, Nov. 14, from 5 to 9 p.m. at PDNB Gallery, 1202 Dragon Street, #103, Dallas, TX 75207, 214-969-1852.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Seeking Texas-based documentary photography that captures the strangest state. Please send inquiries to [email protected].

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