A Black University of Texas at Austin student.
(Adraint Bereal)

Eye on Texas: The Black Yearbook

The Black Yearbook showcases the reality of Black students at the University of Texas at Austin.


A version of this story ran in the September / October 2020 issue.

The Black Yearbook is a fine-art piece that consists of more than 200 images and 50 interviews with Black students at the University of Texas at Austin. On a campus of 52,000 students, only 4 percent are Black. The Black student population has flatlined in the past 10 years. This project aims to share the stories of joy, hardship, and truth through honest dialogue. I started this project two years ago, when I interviewed 25 Black men on campus and showed the work (portraits and interviews) at the George Washington Carver Museum in East Austin. The project has grown and developed so much in the past year. I raised a little under $5,000 to do this project, and I am now in the process of creating the actual book. A lot of people perceive it to be a literal yearbook because of the title, but it is far from that and intends to showcase the reality of Black students.

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