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SOCKLESS BEEKEEPERS, BEWARE Our country’s southern border is not the only one fraught with peril for the unwary traveler. The following questions are excerpted from the United States customs and immigration forms that German tourists are asked to fill out when flying over for a visit. A.Do you suffer from any infectious diseases? Are you physically or mentally handicapped? Do you use drugs or are you a drug addict? _ No _ _ B.Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor, a felony or a drug-related offense? Have you ever been arrested or convicted for two or more offenses that carried a prison term of more than five years? Do you deal in controlled substances? Is the object of your entry into the United States the desire to participate in criminal or immoral acts? Yes _ No C.Were you ever involved in spying, sabotage or terrorist activities? Were you involved in the genocide between 1933 and 1945 or involved in the persecutions of the National Socialist Regime or its allies? Yes _ _ No And the Pinochet question: G. Have you ever claimed immunity from prosecution? __ Yes No From the customs regulations: *Bees may only be brought into the country if they are designated for the “Bee Culture Laboratory, Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville, Maryland.” *Radioactive materials may be brought into the country if their outer containers emit only negligible amounts of alpha, beta or neutron radiation. *Products manufactured in non-U.S. prisons cannot be brought into the country. *Contraceptives or any written information about contraception or abortion cannot be brought into the United States. A recent stand-by passenger on a U.S. airline was also informed of the airplane’s dress code. All passengers are required to wear “appropriate undergarments” and to bear in mind the following: Unacceptable attire includes any item that is patched or torn, clothing with offensive terminology/ graphics or lettering larger than pocket/ sleeve style logo, provocative revealing clothing, short shirts \(any part of ing of any kind or color, sweat-pants, jogging or warm-up outfits, casual shorts, spaghetti strap dresses, sweatshirts, tank tops, oversized shirts, tightly fitted leggings or other stretch fabric garments, hot pants, hiking boots, flip flops, bare feet, tennis shoes, athletic shoes, hair in curlers, ball caps and bandannas…. All shirts must be tucked into the pants. Socks must be worn at all times. + 0 decided to make a docu mentary [“The Legacy of President Ronald Reagan”] that would show the actual effects of Reagan’s economic policies in the eighties, and how his tax cuts literally created the biggest economic boom in our history. So anyway I created that video specifically to defend the policies of Ronald Reagan and show the -record, because I thought it was important to have historical documentaries that would defend Reagan as a hero. I’d like to do one about Sam Walton actually, I’ve got that burning in the back of my mind…. The other thing it taught me in doing that video was that in America you can get to anybody. There is not an upper class in our society. When I did that video I was able to interview Newt Gingrich, Trent Loft, Tony Robbins, [sales guru] Zig Ziglar…. It just kind of showed me that if you have some initiative and you have the right angle… there is not an upper class, and there’s not anything that different about the leaders of our country from what people would call Average Joe. We’re all the same, it’s just a matter of taking the initiative and going out there and being willing to do it. Which says to me that we should say to all Americans hey, this dream’s for anybody. On his heroes: My dad, Reagan, and Walton…. Zig [Ziglar] is also very much a mentor. Actually I’d probably list him even before Walton: Dad, Reagan, and Zig. On what it means to be a Texan: For me, I look at it as, here we are going into a new millennium. Our culture’s really at a turning point as to whether or not we’re going to hold on to our way of life, and our independent traditional values …. Texans are proud to be Texans because it means they believe in individualism, they be lieve in having a way of life that’s worth pro tecting, we believe in that work ethic and per sonal responsibility and that we don’t like the idea of blaming society for everybody’s problems, we believe that individuals are responsible for their own actions, we believe that the free market is the best place to make decisions, we believe that free enterprise is a great idea and that capitalism and democracy is the way to go, not great social planners in Washington. We believe in faith in a higher source, that the Creator is the one that endowed us with our rights, and the family should be the core unit of the culture, so you take all those beliefs and you basically look at that as our foundation. + FEBRUARY 5, 1999 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7