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STEPHEN F. AUSTIN HOTEL Comfortable rooms in an historic setting at reasonable rates. Meeting and banquet facilities. Free parking. Restaurant and Coffee Shop Cocktails in Quiet Atmos ST HEN’S phere, Happy Hour, Live piano entertainment Located 3 blocks from the Capitol 7th and Congress, Austin, Texas Reservations and information 512/476-4361 Qg cl ietcLo t New outdoor French Cafe Lunch, Supper & Cocktails BOIS ‘CAFE l homminomminemoss. 16 108 Congr ess Ginny’s Bindery Services 202:1 .2700 Austin, Texas Guadalupe V`i Anderson Lane Copying is our middle name but not our only service Ginny’s Copying Service, Inc. Call 476-9171 for details Houston election Houston voters approved, by a two-to-one margin, the reorganiza tion of their city council in an. August 11 election \(Obs., provides for an expanded 15-member council with nine elected from singlemember districts and five \(plus the the present council in response to charges made by blacks and MexicanAmericansbacked up by orders from the U.S. Justice Departmentthat minorities are grossly and systematically underrepresented in city government under the just-discarded method of electing all nine council members at large. Although a broad-based coalition of groups representing blacks, chicanos, liberals, labor, suburbanites, Republicans, women, gays, and churches staunchly opposed the nine-five plan, saying it wouldn’t solve the problem, their efforts to defeat it and hold out for a bigger council with mostly singlemember districts were overwhelmed by an all-out push by the downtown Establishment that runs things now and intends to continue doing so. The vote was split sharply on ,racial lines. A Houston Chronicle analysis found that 90 percent of affluent whites and 83 percent of middle-income whites voted for the Establishment plan, while 87 percent of blacks and 72 percent of Mexican-Americans voted against it. But the precinct-level voter education campaign the minority-backed Coalition for Responsive Government tried to put together was under-financed and short of timeand wasn’t enough to get its voters to the polls. This proposition was the only thing on the ballot; only 10 percent of the registered voters showed up, and the breakdown on the low turnout tells the tale. . In affluent white neighborhoods turnout was 22 percent; in middleincome white areas, 13 percent. But in low-income chicano areas, the figure was 6 percent and in low-income black areas, 5 percent. Obviously, the campaign put on by an ad hoc group of Houston businessmen led by former mayor and current chamber of commerce president Louie Welch was more successful. This groupthe Greater Houston Committeeblitzed the city with television, radio, and newspaper ads, and 411111111111111111111111111. AUGUST 10, 1979 PAC LAW Representation, Counseling, & Litigation for Political Action Committees on all PAC matters in the Capitol Dowling & Wilson 812 San Antonio Street Attorneys-at-Law Suite 206, Austin, Texas 1608 Lavaca 478-3281 32nd & Guadalupe 452-5010 201 E. Riverside 441-5331 Austin Texas Create a positive first impression with your next paper or report. Complete your project with one of our inexpensive bindings to create your own special effect. Remember, first impressions can have lasting effects.