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fided to his bride-to-be that he was thinking of running for county attorney in Henderson County, and she told him, “If you run, the wedding is off. I won’t marry a man in politics.” The future U.S. senator took the El Paso job instead, and he stayed in the stable for ten years before breaking out in 1938 to run for attorney general. A 50th wedding anniversary fete was held in June at the Women’s Center in Austin. One celebrant in attendance had also borne witness to the original event in CorsicanaOpal’s 96-year-old mother. but $265,000 of it. Krueger has received upwards of $1.2 million in contributions, but his primary contest with Joe Christie left him with only $46,000 in cash. The disparity is nothing to worry about, says Garry Mauro, Krueger’s campaign manager, who forecasts a $2.1 million fundraising effort for his man’s fall campaign. However, Mauro admits he’d feel a bit more at ease with another -hundred thousand or so in the treasury. Sherry Smith Bullock’s birthday bust Bob Bullock says it must have been that over-fermented apple juice he drank at his 49th birthday party earlier in the evening that caused a couple or Austin patrolmen to think him intoxicated in the wee hours of July 11. The police claim that Bullock’s ’77 Cadillac was moving “erratically” down a North Austin street and bouncing off the curb. The comptroller says he, his wife and two other passengers in the car had been making merry at a local restaurant, but that he certainly did not consider himself drunk. He declined the arresting officers’ offer of a breathalizer test, and they escorted him to jail on a DWI charge. Bullock retained capital city attorney Roy Minton for the case, noting that “he only represents innocent people.” Minton seems to have become the favorite fix-it man for politically prominent Texans who get into scrapes with the lawhe handled two DWI charges against Frank Erwin, was counsel to former Texas Senate secretary Charlie Schnabel when he was accused of misusing state property, and represented Austin lobbyist George Christian’s teen-age son on a homicide charge in juvenile court. Ringers don’t count, Bill Bill Clements has been talking a lot about how he’s going to get a huge crossover vote from Democrats in his gubernatorial effort, but he has been a bit hard-pressed to produce much evidence. He did manage to come up with a list of former Briscoe supporters who he claims are now with him \(though he was somewhat embarrassed when a couple of press play when he launched a mobile home filled with staffers and supporters who intend to ride the backroads in search of Democrats who will vote Republican this fall. But even a credulous public would have a hard time swallowing his latest shred of proof that Texas Democrats are bunching up to get aboard his bandwagonClements wheeled out two prominent, old-time Democrats who announced their endorsements of him, but neither turns out to be from Texas! One is former U.S. Sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri, and the other is former U.S. Rep. Edward Hebert of Louisiana. Maybe Clements doesn’t quite understand the concept of absentee voting. Golden anniversary Fifty years ago, in June of 1928, Ralph W. Yarborough traveled 600 miles from his new job with an El Paso law firm to get to Corsicana on time to marry Opal Warren, whom he had known from childhood.. No formal wedding picture was taken, but the young couple had a Kodak on handRalph took a picture of Opal, who in turn snapped one of him, and the results are printed above. There nearly was no wedding at all. During their engagement.. Ralph had con Raising the ante Republican Sen. John Tower is beating the tar out of Rep. Bob Krueger, his Democratic challenger, in the race for campaign dollars. Reports filed by both candidates with the Federal Election Commission show that as of July 1, Tower had collected and spent almost twice as much as Krueger, and had about six times as much left over. Though the incumbent ran unopposed in his party’s primary, he has already taken in over $2.2 million and spent all 12 JULY 21, 1978