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14r w . –,-V-0111-JILL IV .40 ”11″1.7111V1111.-411:111′. ir””VP ‘117 ‘-wr ” “The United States proposes that; All governments proclaim an unconditional amnesty by releasing all political prisoners . . . \(who were jailed trary to their Governments . . .” Hon. Daniel Moynihan U.N. General Assembly November 12, 1975 WHAT ABOUT AMERICA’S WAR RESISTERS, Mr. Ambassador? Despite its noble pronouncements in the United Nations, the Ford Administration has consistently opposed general amnesty for tens of thousands of Americans those who resisted the Vietnam War. SAFE RETURN Amnesty Committee has been working for universal amnesty for the past four years. Its Campaign 100 is a grass-roots approach to winning a broad Congressional support for universal amnesty. WRITE for information and to join Campaign 100! Send to: SAFE RETURN 175 Fifth Ave., #1010 New York, N.Y. 10010 contribution enclosed. L