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Texas Politics and Government is an exciting subject. But all too often it’s saddled with a text that’s pretty much on the dull side. Not anymore! There’s Nothing Dull About UNDERSTANDING TEl You don’t have to be stuck with an uninteresting text for your Texas Government classes. Instead of a plodding compendium of facts only, UNDERSTANDING TEXAS POLITICS relates facts to the individual. Students learn how the system works, how it affects them personally in their daily lives. Students are motivated, involved. *Includes chapters on civil liberties and civil rights. *Up-to-date. All statistics and data will be current through December, 1974, including November, 1974 election data. *Substantial information on other states’ political systems provides an opportunity for comparisons with Texas system. *Totally flexible. Each chapter is independent, ends with a summary. Can be covered in any order. *Legislature and administration chapter emphasizes growing importance of informal bargaining and trading between the two branches. *Most complete discussion of interest groups, their influence on Texas politics, and their interrelationship to the workings of Texas political structure. *Appendix lists all Texas Administrative Agencies. *Demonstrates the increasing importance of the governor’s office. *Unusually good chapter on criminal law and due process. *Written by three Of your Texas colleagues involved in teaching the coursemen who recognized the need for this kind of text and did something about it. PLUS *15 essays written by Texas students and faculty. Each essay is an insert which applies the text’s theory and data to the real world. Be sure to order your complimentary examination copy. Just write to the address below, giving your course, number, and average enrollment. west’s college department MARKETING 50 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, Minn. 55102 There’s No Other Book Like UNDERSTANDING TEXAS POLITICS Just Published by West Richard H. Kraemer, University of Texas at Austin Ernest Crain and Earl Maxwell, San Antonio College