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A PUBLIC SERVICE TO THE READERS OF THE TEXAS OBSERVER The economic base of the southern political system was developed on the plantation before the Civil War and continued until the turn of the century. County Seat Government adopted and added to this base, and most politicians since have attempted to preserve the Pre-Civil War South. A study of this political system indicates that it has cost Southerners much of the progress enjoyed by the rest of the nation. The system was built on racism and tradition and to this day continues to affect the income level, population growth, industrial development, race relations, industrial relations, the tax structure, and the educational system in all parts of the Southern economy. A recent book written by Dr. J. Earl Williams, Director of the Center for Human Resources, College of Business Administration, University of Houston, explains how this system developed and how it has operated through the years. It also indicates that some progress has been made in recent years and points the way for the voter to contribute to continued progress. We believe that progress can overcome tradition. We know that it will take place more quickly if an increased number of southern citizens gain a better understanding of the southern political system. It is, in fact, vital to the future of the South. Consequently as a public service, the American Income Life Insurance Company is offering the readers of the Texas Observer a complimentary copy of Dr. Williams’ book entitled: Plantation Politics: The Southern Economic Heritage. Return the coupon to: 1111111 Bernard Rapoport, President American Income Life Insurance Company Executive Offices P. 0. Box 208 Waco, Texas 76703 Please send me my complimentary copy of Plantation Politics. Name Address City State Zip