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Sissy Farenthold will be the next Governor of Texas . with a little help from her friends! The runoffs in 1956 and 1962 show what can happen in this type of election. In both years establishment candidates held commanding leads in the first primary, then came within several thousand votes of defeat in the runoffs. Dolph Briscoe won’t debate Sissy Farenthold. The people of Texas are going to see, now that it’s down to the two of them, that Sissy has solutions to the pro blems and Dolph doesn’t. That Sissy represents leadership, while Dolph doesn’t even know what the real issues are. But this stunning upset won’t happen unless we make it happen. Isn’t the drastic change in Texas that Sissy Farenthold represents worth your time and money? It’ll only happen with a little help from her friends dollars for radio and television, hours to take the message door-to-door. Call your local Farenthold head quarters \(or call 512/478-9631 if check today in the attached re turn envelope to Farenthold for Governor, Box 66, Austin, Texas 78767. It’s your part in making Texas the state you’ve always wanted it to be.