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No Bentsen Teifdom’ on new meanings. What’s obscene to me is not four-letter words but the Vietnam War, the bombings, racism, and planned obsolescence. I’m certainly not competent to offer any advice on child-rearing to readers who feel they must protect their children from certain words. I will say that I was so sheltered and I don’t think it made growing up any easier for me it made it harder. And besides, we’re not writing for children. We’re writing for very serious adults. Put the Observer in the drawer with your “frank” novels, if you must. Isn’t that better than proscribing certain areas of human thought and expression to a journal of free voices? One last word to the retired school teacher. Shakespeare had some pretty raunchy couplets and Aristophanes was downright anally oriented and I don’t think their vulgarisms hurt their reputations a bit. Of course, I am not trying to compare the Observer to Shakespeare and Aristophanes, but just to say that I’ll continue to give our writers their freedom and take my chances with history. Help the Thicket Sen. Ralph Yarborough has only a few more weeks in office. He is hoping that during these last weeks his Big Thicket bill can be blasted out of committee. It would help for Observer readers to write to the members of the House and Senate subcommittees in Washington that are considering bills and tell them how much we want that park. Members of the Subcommittee on Parks and Recreation of the Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs are: Alan Bible of Nevada, chairman, Frank Church of Idaho, Clinton P. Anderson of New Mexico, Henry M. Jackson of Washington, Paul J. Fannon of Arizona, Clifford T. Hansen of Wyoming, Mark 0. Hatfield of Oregon, and Henry Bellmon of Oklahoma. Members of the Subcommittee on Parks and Recreation of the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs are: Roy Taylor of North Carolina, chairman, Harold T. Johnson of California, Hugh L. Carey of New York, Morris K. Udall of Arizona, Robert W. Kastenmeier of Wisconsin, James G. O’Hara of Michigan, William F. Ryan of New York, and Patsy T. Mink of Hawaii. Also, Abraham Kazen of Texas, Bill D. Burlinson of Missouri, Joe Skubitz of Kansas, John H. Kyle of Iowa, Howard W. Pollock of Alaska, James A. McClure of Idaho, Don H. Calusen of California, Philip E. Ruppe of Michigan, John Happy Camp of Oklahoma, and Manuel Lujan of New Mexico. K.N. The writer of the article “The Winnahs!” in your Nov. 13 issue fails on both facts and political insight in labeling Hidalgo County “Lloyd Bentsen’s family fiefdom.” If M.I., the initialed writer, had checked past election results in Hidalgo County, this catchy tagline might have been avoided in the interests of truth. Hidalgo County gave Sen. Ralph W. Yarborough a good margin in the Democratic primary. Half of that margin over Bentsen came in Edinburg, Weslaco, and Mission, Bentsen’s home town and the seat of the family power and fortune. In all recent elections where a strong state or national liberal candidate has been offered, Hidalgo County, which is predominantly Mexican-American in population, has responded with a majority. The Edinburg Daily Review and its associated weekly newspapers in Hidalgo County endorsed Yarborough. As independent newspapers long oriented to the Democratic Party, the newspapers, along with the majority of the liberal-moderate voters in Hidalgo County, chose to support Bentsen in November native of the Rio Grande Valley most of us could talk with on Valley problems \(including the omnipresent problems of the expect some help. To label Hidalgo County a “fiefdom” of anyone is an insult to thousands of independent voters who stood up openly in May to be counted with Yarborough. Their decision to vote for Lloyd Bentsen was made, as far as I know, without either economic or political pressure , from the candidate or his family. To sneer as M.I. does at the independent choice of independent voters in Hidalgo County is an exercise in intellectual snobbery from a mental midget. James V. Mathis, publisher and editor of 111 Ten O’Clock Monday through Friday KUT-FM 90.7 mHz IDialogue I The Hidalgo Newspapers, Box 148, Edinburg, Tex. 78529. The reference to Hidalgo County and the surrounding area as a Bentsen fiefdom was made on the basis of the Bentsen family holdings in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Bentsen, Jr.,’s holding company, Lincoln Consolidated, owns between 15% and 41% of the First National Bank of Edinburg, the First National Bank of McAllen, the First National Bank of Mission and the Security State Bank of Pharr. Bentsen, Jr., has extensive land holdings in the area and one or more members of the Bentsen family are on the boards of all the banks named above, as well as the First National Bank of Raymondsville. The origin of the Bentsen fortune was in the extensive land holdings of Bentsen, Sr., and his brother Elmer Bentsen, both in real estate and mortgages. Those interests are currently in the Tip November 27, 1970 23 MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. Good discussion. You’re welcome. Informal, no dues. CENTRAL TEXAS ACLU luncheon meeting. Spanish Village. 2nd Friday every month. From noon. All welcome. CLASSIFIED BOOKPLATES. Free catalog. Many beautiful designs. Special designing too. Address: BOOKPLATES, P.O. Box 28-I, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. ANNE’S TYPING SERVICE \(Marjorie Anne Binding, Mailing, Public Notary. Twenty years experience. Call 442-7008 or 442-0170, Austin. WE SELL THE BEST SOUND. 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