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100,000 signed this Declaration during the JOHNSON . Administration. NIXON is allowing death and destruction to continue and to increase. Pressure and action against the war are needed. Individuals Against the Crime of Silence A Declaration To Our Fellow Citizens Of The United States, To The Peoples Of The World, And To Future Generations: We are appalled and angered by the conduct of our country in Vietnam. 2 In the name of liberty, we have unleashed the awesome arsenal of the greatest military power in the world upon a small agricultural nation, killing, burning and mutilating its people. In the name of peace, we are creating a desert. In the name of security, we are inviting world conflagration. <3 We, the signers of this declaration, believe this war to be immoral. 2I We believe it to be illegal. We must oppose it. o z I <4 At Nuremberg, after World War II, we tried, convicted and exe 11J cuted men for the crime of OBEYING their government, when that government demanded ZI of them crimes against humanity. Millions more, who were not tried, were still guilty of _j I THE CRIME OF SILENCE. o I W I-I o f o I WI -I z I o I I I I o f cr