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ulty groups ought to share in the selection of their administrators.” Sen. Andy Rogers, Childress, who\(being, along with Sens. Pete Snelson, Midland, and Roy Harrington, Port Arthur, was presiding, said he thought that the committee’s study could go into any . area they had discussed that day. “Too often in the past,” Rogers said, “the lay public has looked on professors as if they were some strange animal. . . . We want your advice.” THUS THE COLLEGES and universities in Texas are now beingsubjected to a variety of pressures for change pressures for more efficiency, more busi_ness-oriented education, a “track” system based on high school grades, less study of dangerous subjects, more quality in teaching, fringe benefitsfor teachers, more academic freedom. The members of the new coordinating board have the power to make of these various pressures whatever blend they like and then to try out this blend in the colleges and universities, for as Governor Connally told them as they organized, “I recommended that this board be given substantial power. The legislature agreed. How you use that power will be for your determination.” R.D. FOOTNOTES ‘Condensed Statement of Condition, First Security National Bank of Beaumont, June 30, 1965. 2The Bankers Record, magazine of the Texas Bankers Assn., early 1959. 3See an AP story about Gray, Houston Post, Sept. 5, 1965. 4The Texas Observer: Nov. 30, 1962. 5Midland Reporter-Telegram, Oct. 4, 1948; Sept. 16 and 17, 1952; Aug. 1, 5, and 25, 1954; May 9, 1956; Oct. 17, 1960. 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Ought to be horse-whipped! Writin trash like this! Tellin Presdint Johnson to stop bombin.” “Now, Granpa, you just hush up that tacky talk,” mama says. “Why don’t you tell that egg-sucking eddyter to stop showin off his ignernce?” Granpa snaps. “I read that editorial, Granpa,” I says, “all he says is that us killing women and children with our bombings ain’t going to win the Vietnamese people to our side. He’s got a right to his opinion.” “Like hell he does!” Grandpa comes back, “He ain’t got no right to no opinion on something he don’t know nothin about! All you Texas Liberals is forever runnin your mouths off and never botherin to get your facts straight first. Wont face The Truth.” That made me sort of mad. I says, “I reckon you got all the facts and the truth on the Vietnamese situation cornered, Grandpa. Know more about it than Ronnie Dugger, or probably even than President Johnson does.” “Durn tootin, I do,” and he draws himself up like a strutting gobbler, “I know more bout anything than Ronnie Dugger does. Know more bout most things than Lindin Johnson does. Only time he’s ever been right is when he started that bombin. Wrong on every thing else he’s ever done.” “Where’d you get all the facts and truth, Grandpa?” mama cuts in sarcastic-like. “Where anybody that wants the real unvarnished truth and facts gits em! I listen to Life Line on the radio everday. Study Dan Smoot’s Reports. Listen to everthing Senator Tower says. Listen to Revrund _Billy Joe Hargis preachin on the radio. Read The Dallas Morning News. I edjicate myself on these things. Average American don’t have a mild notion of what that Vietmese situation’s all about. Ignernt as Ronnie Dugger is on why we got to bomb. I know. I edjicate myself.” Times-Herald, Aug. 1, 1965. 41corpus Christi Caller, April 28, 1965. 42Houston Chronicle, Sept. 2, 1965. 43Dallas TimesHerald, April 10, 1964. 44In the Houston Chronicle, July 22, 1962. 45Annual Report of the T.C.H.E. to the governor and legislature, Dec. 1, 1964, pp. 28.32. The editor also wants to thank the reporters and others who responded to his requests for assistance in gathering data on the background of the members of the new board. “Wished you’d explain to us just what it is you’ve found out from Dan Smoot, Life Line and that bunch, that we don’t seem to know,” I says, challenging-like. “Allright, I will,” he says, “ifyou’ll shut your mouth and open your mind for a minnit. And I’ll give you cold facts. Dockmented Facts. Not crackpot opinions. “First off, them Vietmese is Asians. Foreiners, in other words. Don’t speak English and won’t try to learn. Dan Smoot’s got dockmentry proof on that. “Second, they’re heathens. Never set foot inside a church. Rev. Hargis can prove that. “Being foreiners, and heathens to boot, they can’t be trusted. Can’t depend on em. That means jist one thing. We got to bomb em. Can’t trust em to bomb theirselves. Can’t even depend on to fight each other, less we stay right there to see that they do it. Why, we been givin em guns and bullets for ten years. What did they do? Fiddled around! Stopped fightin and started workin their crops, every time we turn our backs. “So we got to bomb. If we didn’t, who would? Jest too bad if them women and children can’t git out of the way.” Me and mama sat there for a minute while he stared at us like a mad rooster. Then I says, sort of trying to reason with him, “That’s the whole point that Ronnie was tryin to make. Them women and children can’t git out of the way. And you know well as Ronnie Dugger does, President Johnson, nor no other American wants to be killin women and chillern. Its savage. And we ain’t no savages.” Grandpa Willis nodded solemn like, thinking. I figured maybe he’d seen my point. Then he says, “Course us folks ain’t savages. Its them that’s the savages. We’re civilized, Christian people. Ain’t we?” Me and mama nodded, and I says, “I like to think so.” “Then let me ask you jist one question,” he says, still real solemn, “Jist one question. And I’d like you and your ma and all other good church-goin folks to answer it, deep in your hearts. Ronnie Dugger, too. He might be some sort of Christian. Just ask yourselves: If Jesus was in Vietnam today, would He be hidin out in them bamboo thickets and rice paddies with a bunch of heathen foreiners? Or would He be up there in them B52’s with them fine American boys? Boys that was brought up on The Bible and Sunday School?” So there’s your question, Ronnie. Yours, Claudie Down on the Farm