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To Buy or Sell Real Estate In Harris County Call Bill Shead MI 9-7565 to 41 delegates to the Harris County Democratic convention because of their 80% turnout for Cox in November, 1962. The latest tabulation of the Harris County prospect to reach the Observer, from a responsible liberal source, would give the liberals 2,230 county convention votes of the 2,154 votes they need to win. Conservatives are conceded about 1,621 votes, with another 456 votes or so counted as “swing.” THE TORY DEMOCRATS’ problem has therefore become: How to avert liberal Democrats’ demands that the state platform be outright liberal? In Houston, powerful business-political leaders who have been identified not only with Connally, but with Johnson in the past have been arguing that issues should be avoided in the precinct, county, and state conventions; that a fight over the platform will just tear up the state’s Democrats; and that the best way to support Johnson is to back him and let the issues go. To the contrary, says, for example, Bill Kilgarlin, the Democratic chairman in Houston. One of the dividing lines in the conventions may be drawn, he says, between people who are for Johnson and his program, on one hand, and people who are for Johnson and against his program, on the other. This theme has been expressed recently by Senator Ralph Yarborough, who calls for support of Johnson and his program. It underlay the recent dispute over the State Democratic Executive Committee’s resolution calling on all Democratic candidates to ask everyone, including conservatives, to vote as Democrats, and Don Yarborough’s refusal to go along, and Senator Yarborough’s reluctant assent, hedged by his observation that the resolution should have included a demand that the persons so voting agree to vote for the Democrats in November as well as May. A liberal leader in Dallas indicated that the main issue will be a resolution to instruct precinct delegates to county conventions to support “Johnson and the liberal national platform.” The Democratic Coalition’s newsletter, circulated last week, said that Coalition workers have prepared a set of sample resolutions. “The immediate goal is to make the Democratic Party in Texas join with the national Democratic Party in supporting the President and his program,” the newsletter said. Under the heading, “The real. danger of treachery,” the newsletter said: “The turncoats in the Democratic Party who vote in the Democratic primary in May and betray us by voting Republican in November must not be permitted to write the party platform and to control the party machinery.” GOV. CONNALLY has written some letters about the situation and called his leaders into Austin recently for strategy conferences. From present indications, he will want delegates who are loyal both to Johnson and to him; delegates who are not for Don Yarborough and will not insist on a liberal platform for Texas Democrats. Connally had his men convention leaders into Austin last week, and the women were in last Monday. The women were advised to work through the men. The women are helping obtain precinct and county convention leaders for Connally this week. Next week, a brochure and a resolution will be sent to the precinct chairmen who are selected. The Observer can report, from sources inside Connally’s meeting Monday, that the Connally resolutionthe key to the basic tory strategy in the conventions will seek to commit precinct conventions to supporting Connally as head of the Texas delegation to the Democratic national convention ; to do everything possible to support Johnson \(there is no mention -of his Dallas Bruce Alger was the only Congressman in the United States who voted against the federal school milk program back in 1958. Earl Cabell, who this year seeks the Democratic nomination against Alger, agreed with Alger’s vote that year. On Oct. 9, 1958, Edward C. Schwille, a Dallas conservative, wrote Cabell, who is a dairy owner, asking him about the “federal school milk bill” that had been .passed by the Congress some months before. Four days later, Oct. 13, Cabell wrote Schwille: II. . I am glad to give you a run-down on the Federal School Milk Program and my opinion of. same. “In the first place, this program is not one wherein the undernourished or indigent school-child is singled out for free milk. Nor is it a matter of the purchase of surplus milk for distribution to the needy. “In essence, the program is this: if the school sells milk to all students at below cost \(including handling costs not to expint will be rebated. . . “Thil program undoubtedly increases the consumption of milk, but I and many others in the industry feel that it is a Socialistic one, and has no place in a system that was tion. The outcome of the state Democratic convention this June probably depends on how many compromise deals the Connally forces can make with groups usually counted as liberal Democrats. Curiosity will focus upon the influence of the steelworkers in Houston and the autoworkers in Fort Worth, since these two groups of unionists have been influential so far this year in the maneuverings that resulted in the Texas AFL-CIO endorsing no one in the governor’s race. It has been speculated that an issue might materialize at the state convention over whether Gov. Connally or Sen. Yarborough should lead the Texas delegation to the national convention, but if liberal leaders have resolved on seeking to draw such a line in June, they are not yet saying so. guaranteed by individual initiative and free enterprise. “It was because of this belief that I applauded the recent stand of Congressman Alger on the bill continuing the program. . . . “Sincerely yours, Earl Cabell.” Cabell paid for a political advertisement for Alger in the Dallas News for Oct. 25, 1958. The ad called attention to an Alger TV broadcast and bore the slogan, “Effective Representation.” That same fall Cabell sat at a head table during a luncheon to hear a report from Alger. Alger was being vigorously opposed by State Representative Barefoot Sanders that fall, and Sanders lost. Sanders is now the U.S. district attorney here. This spring Baxton Bryant, who is running against Cabell for the Democratic nomination April 17, 1964 13 Cabe!! vs. Bryant For Jobs and Freedom MARTIN ELFANT FOR YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE HARRIS COUNTY POS. 5 A FULL TIME LIBERAL