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AMERICAN INCOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF INDIANA Underwriters of the American Income Labor Disability Policy Executive Offices: P. 0. Box 208 Waco, Texas Bernard Rapoport, President banner reading “Catholic Interracial Council of Fort Worth, Texas”these are some of the things I shall not soon forget. And the speakers! A. Philip Randolph, the old warrior filled with pride at this his second March on Washington, his bearing erect, his enunciation, as always, perfect, his hair now very white. Walter Reuther, whose speech was biting and warmly received \(solidarity forever in this John Lewis of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, whose speech was half a wail of anguish \(the wife of a friend, he related, had aborted after being kicked half a call to action \(“We will march through the streets of Jackson, through the streets of Danville, through the streets who fled from Berlin in ’37, his accent heavy. Eugene Carson Blakea Dave Richmond on the national level.* Burt Lancaster and the Hollywood crewBrando, Anthony Quinn, Sidney Poitier, Charlton Heston \(the tinsel seemed far *David M. H. Richmond, as minister of the Westminster Student Fellowship, was campaigning for the desegregation of Texas Technological College when I arrived in Lubbock from Cambridge, Massachusetts, hi 1956. 14 The Texas Observer Harry Belafonte’s hoarse voice. Floyd McKissack of CORE reading a message from the absent James Farmer \(no chartered buses were running from the PlaqueRoy Wilkins joyfully relaxed and joking with the crowd. And King, Martin Luther King, introduced by Randolph with majestic simplicity as “the moral leader of this nation.” King transfigured himself. “Justice shall flow down like the waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream” the crowd roars its hope. That incredible voiceso sad and rich yet jubilantly prophetic: “I have a dreamthat in Alabama little black boys and girls and little white boys and girls will be able to join hands as brothers and sisters.” Then the refrain: “I HAVE A DREAM.” Biblical imagery combined with gloriously expanded metaphors from patriotic songs: “From Stone Mountain, Georgia, let freedom ring!”the result triumphantly symphonic. AFTER the emotional catharsis of the demonstration and the physical exhaustion of the trip down and the hours standing in the sun, the Boston delegation sprawled on the grass by our buses, sharing what remained of our box lunches. “Last time I was in Washington on a peace march,” one Radcliffe student said. “I wonder if I’ll ever come simply as a tourist.” The buses began moving out toward Baltimore, the Garden State Thruway, New Haven, Worcester, and home. Pulling into NAACP headquarters at dawn, we were met by hot coffee, donuts, barbecued spareribs \(these latter must have been prepared by a recent Southern another cheering crowd. Despite our fatigue, we parted reluctantly. After the bus ride to Harvard Square, I walked in the early morning quite through the Yard past Widener and thought of the shelf of my carrel inside, on which Uncle Tom’s Children, Native Son, Black Boy, The Outsider, The Long Dream, Eight Men, and the rest had gathered dust for a day. I wished that Richard Wright could have lived to see that day. Keep Quiet or Go to Jail In a 7-11 store I paused to read the provisions of the new Texas hot-check law, posted there. My eyes bugged out when I came to the provision that says that once a person has turned a hot check charge over to the law, if he even suggests to the prosecutor that it be dropped, he is guilty of a crime! Here is another example of the impossibility of keeping up with the burrowing of special interest lobbyists when they infest a legislature whose members are themselves mainly special interest servicemen. The provision is probably unconstitutional; it makes a citizen guilty of a misdemeanor for exercising his free speech by telling a county attorney his opinion that the guy he turned in ought not be prosecuted. The pretext: that the authorities were being used frequently to scare people into paying off .hot checks. But now all of a sudden it’s illegal for a man who has filed a charge to change his mind and Withdraw it! R.D. This Is A Filler One of our advertisers is sealing his mail with this message: “Become a White Muslim. Join the K.K.K.” Patronize our advertisers. Texas Hunters’ Guide Where to hunt what? Texas is a land of private leases. This book gives the name of owner, ranch, and address of roughly 3,000 ranches, by county, registered with the state as shooting preserves. Top Texas outdoor writers Dan Klepper, Fred Strong, Russell Tinsley, L. A. Wilke, Ed Holder, Curtis Carpentergive the dope on when, where, and how to hunt javelina, ducks, whitetail deer, mourning dove, geese, antelope, turkey. For your Texas Hunters’ Guide, send $1.25 to Books, Texas Observer, 504 W. 24th .4111=414111P11111HHINIMM4111WPIIIIMMI011104111141041111WIN