Did ‘Multiculturalism’ Cause Fort Hood Shootings?



Dave Mann

“The Fort Hood massacre was the predictable result of decades of massive immigration from third world countries, affirmative action, enforcement of political correctness and ‘celebration’ of diversity and multiculturalism.”

The above sentiment was written by one Peter Morrison, a right-wing activist from the southeast Texas town of Lumberton (just north of Beaumont). When he’s not ranting about the evils of multiculturalism, Morrison is helping the State Board of Education rewrite the social studies curriculum for Texas public schools.

Earlier this year, Morrison — who serves on the Lumberton School Board — was appointed to serve on the “writing team” that’s helping overhaul the curriculum that Texas teens will learn in social studies class. He was appointed by State Board of Education member David Bradley (R-Beaumont), part of the board’s social-conservative faction. Morrison and the writing team create only the draft curriculum, and the State Board will likely make many changes to that draft. But he does have an impact. And his appointment offers a glimpse at the kind of thinking that’s en vogue with certain members of the State Board.

Morrison writes a weekly newsletter. His views are, ahem, not exactly mainstream. For instance, earlier this year, he called Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a “radical racist.” When Sotomayor came up for Senate confirmation, Morrison wrote:

If the Senate approves Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, Obama will know that he has carte blanche to escalate his all out war on traditional Americans. . . .If they approve her (and to be honest, with only 40 squishy Republicans in the US Senate, it’s unlikely), it’s time to get serious about finding a way for our beloved Texas to exit a system where Barack Obama and his racist friends interpret the laws that undergird our very life, liberty and material security.

His most recent newsletter concerns the Fort Hood shooting. (Hat tip on this to TFN, which first wrote about Morrison last week.)

Take a gander:

How could such a thing happen in America?  Actually, the question should be why we’re surprised that something like this has taken place.  The Fort Hood massacre was the predictable result of decades of massive immigration from third world countries, affirmative action, enforcement of political correctness and “celebration” of diversity and multiculturalism.   All of these policies would be bad enough on their own, but when combined they result in a prescription for disaster, on both a small and large scale.

By most accounts, Hasan should’ve been a shining success story. He’s a second generation immigrant, whose parents came here legally, and who is fully “assimilated.” He speaks English well, was smart enough in high school that the Army paid for his medical school, and he became a licensed medical doctor.  His relatives assure us that he is a “moderate” Muslim.  Until November 5th, Nidal Malik Hasan was the kind of person politicians like to point to as proof that the “American dream” is still alive, and that third world immigration makes our country stronger…..

The result of this political correctness is destroying our country from within.  We’re importing millions of third world peoples with no connections to us or our culture, and expecting them all to ignore their racial, religious and tribal loyalties and swear allegiance to a multicultural USA.  We tell ourselves the absurd fairy tale that a nation made up of every ethnic and religious group under the sun, speaking all kinds of languages, with many of the groups hating us and/or each other, somehow will make us less divisive and “stronger.”

Americans that actually love their country are discriminated against, while people like Hasan are given all kinds of quotas and affirmative action.

Of course, Morrison is free to write this stuff every week and email it all over creation. His column was certainly the highlight of my week so far.

But should this guy be rewriting curriculum for school kids? (And would we be OK with an equally radical leftist — like, say, these folks — determining what kids learn in social studies class?)

Just sayin.

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