Dept. of Corrections



Dave Mann

This is hands down the correction of the week.

The Charlotte Observer wants to make clear that one Gwendolyn Brown-Johnson has no prior criminal record in the state of North Carolina….except, you know, for the whole selling-moonshine-at-daycare thing.

The newspaper writes:

A story in Tuesday’s Local & State section about alleged moonshine sales at a day care center gave incorrect information about Gwendolyn Brown-Johnson, who was accused of selling moonshine. She has no prior N.C. criminal history or arrests.

The original story is here (state law enforcement cracked the case by sending an undercover officer to the daycare to buy two gallons of moonshine).

Maybe they just wanted to make sure the kids passed out for nap time….

(Hat tip to Regret the Error.)

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Dave Mann is a former editor of the Observer.