Brown in the Wrong Town


I often feel unwoven. 

I know the landscape of my dreams

filled with images of my once home

but now I search and try to memorize

the unknown. 

I have tried to weave myself again

wear my new heart

this huipil that suits me

for the woman I have become.




Sola y completa.

I have not been able to go under the radar.

Brown in the wrong town.

Barrio in the suburbs

rasquache to the core

but why should anyone

know that I grew up poor?

I have tried to assimilate

wear my head on as straight as I can

or at least, my costume appears to be such

that while I am Mexican in my blood

No one has to know.

Just everyone.  

Erika Marie Garza-Johnson is a poeta from Elsa who now resides in McAllen. Her work has appeared in Border Senses and LUNG.